Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Stand

The original is here. I missed it during the game, but have run into it since then as one of the "best commercials" from this years SB (and as an aside, since when did the Big Game become as much about the commercials as the onfield play? Oh, yeah, maybe since there have been so many truly sucky Superbowls...).

I watched the commercial and thought it was just whiny and stereotypical; boy has to do "girly" things for his girl but he gets to sport his woody behind the wheel? Gee, that's original, Dodge. Get over yourselves, guys. Get a friggin' Chevy Nova or whatever and just drive to the damn grocery store. Your ride has nothing to do with your pecker, get it? And for God's sake quit whining about your girlfriend. She's willing to put up with YOUR shit without whining about it.

Or not.Heh. Get some, gals.


Meghan H said...

Those who advertise on the Super Bowl seem to forget two major things:

1) half of all who watch the Super Bowl are women;
2) women control most of the buying decisions in the average american household.

Not a good idea to make it seem like half the audience are emasculated boy-men and the other half are the ones who took their manhood. Bad advertising theory to me...

Ael said...

My father was a natural gas utilityman (i.e. ditch digger) in a time when there were few machines to do the heavy lifting. Even later, when back hoes were common, there remained a lot of hand digging around pipes or cables, or in an awkward corner. In that case, there was nothing to it, but to get in the hole and dig.

Every summer, he would get some college kids working on his crew.
Some would jump right in the hole but others would complain constantly about the fundamental injustice of the world while shovelling teaspoon sized chunks of dirt out of the hole.

To this, Dad would simply retort "shut up and dig". It wouldn't take long for the student to either learn to "shut up and dig" or stomp off the job site and quit.
Either scenario worked just fine for Dad.

Useless complaining is poison to any group activity and whiners need to be taught to keep their mouth shut or be shown the door.

I don't understand why some media people seem to glorify pouty people.