Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Teach a Girl to Fish...

Little Miss spent part of a rainy Saturday gutter fishing for leaves.
No real point here other than the utter cuteness.

She's a great swimmer, too - she paddled around the shallow end like an adorable little otter in a pink floatie.


Lisa said...

Very cute.

I need to buck up and go swimming at our indoor pool. It's just that 79 degrees doesn't feel "heated", and I'm a sissy coming in from the cold.

FDChief said...

"Warm water" in Portland isn't the same thing as "warm" for Florida; there's nothing shameful about being averse to avoiding the gasping cold water on your skin.

I wish I had a movie of her swimming. It was really precious; she paddled away from end to end of the kiddie-depth part of the pool with this enormous smile on her face. Loved it. Little cutie.

Her big brother and his buddy had fun, too, splashing about in their boisterous little boy way, like a pair of pink seals.

AND there was ice cream at the end!

Good times.

Lisa said...

Thank you for forgiving my cold timidity. (I'm just getting a cold, *sniff, sniff*, which may have something to do with it.)

There's something wonderful about watching innocent, joyful entities frolicking, be they colts or birds or kids. It's like all the molecules are smiling, which feels like being very alive.

Ice cream at the end isn't too shabby, either. Lately I'm in a French vanilla mood, as I can pair it with so many fruits and call it healthy. Do you know how good sauteed port and figs are over vanilla ice cream?