Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Quick collection of a couple more of my favorite Wenceslaus songs.
Here's a new one, Robert Earl Keene's "Merry Christmas from the family":(h/t to slacktivist)

And a traditional (can two years be called a tradition?) favorite: Sarah Silverman's "Give the Jew Girl Toys"Tim Allen played you!

And - this is really special - here's a Christmas ditty straight from Hell's jukebox: I mean, yeah, I know it was the Sixties, but...WTF?

I gotta get back to my barge. But you have a safe week, paisan, OK?



basilbeast said...




Lisa said...

Thanks for the alternative festive tunes.

Much as I love "White Christmas", hearing it in every store for the past two months has made it and other genuinely wonderful tunes like it quite horrid to my ears right about now.

FDChief said...

basil; Nice, thanks!

Lisa: I stayed in one of the local hotels in Hood River the past week, and the infuriatingly tintinabulating din of the endless Christmas music on the lobby muzak was absolutely rage-inducing. I comiserated with the gals working there, and they admitted that it was horrible but that after a month (a MONTH!?!) of the stuff they just tuned it out.

So I agree - less is more. There really are some wonderful songs about the season, but forcing them in your ears 24-7? BAD idea...

Lisa said...

Despite the incessant and forced jubilation, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hood River (albeit a working getaway.)

Agreed: There are some wonderful tunes associated with the season, but to me, they are all the more special when reserved for that period right before the holiday. When blared over Pier I loudspeakers since apres-Halloween, they are reduced to crass marketing tools.

Part of the pleasure is the evanescence of the moment. The jewelry marketers promise a "Sparkle of your life that will last forever", but nothing does. It is only in the moment, and if one is lucky, a series of similar moments will ensue.