Thursday, December 02, 2010

Like there's a monkey in your pants...

Whaddya think; a game or "Truth or Dare"? Youthful high spirits? Dancing to the beat of an...umm...VERY different drummer?Whatever the reason, I love this gal. I wish I could dance like that. And had a good reason to.

(h/t to Jezebel)


basilbeast said...

Seems an odd juxtapositioning with what you last put up at milpub.

Plan it that way?

I'm still working through that.


FDChief said...

basil: No question. But that's life; we go from comedy to tragedy in the space of a couple of heartbeats. A bullet's width one way or the other means the difference between joy and sorrow.

Lisa said...

As one commenter drolly noted, "that's how they dance in Soviet Russia..." Probably enhanced by a bit of vodka.

Very energetic though.