Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Why Newt Gingrich Should Have Been Clubbed Like a Baby Harp Seal Back in 1995

He married the Joker.Did you "eeep!" a little when you saw the grin-rictus of Death on the mug of Callista "I screwed another woman’s husband for six years until he dumped her and made an Honest Woman of me" Gingrich? I sure did. Talk about the mirror of the soul. I hope she makes this face when the Newtster exercises his marital rights; maybe it'll remind the bastard of his dead first wife, his high school geometry teacher who he screwed in a little different way, handing her his divorce papers while she was recovering from uterine cancer.

This adulterous, skeevy, lying douchebag (Newt, that is, not the Receptacle of Newt-chowder) is still a respected senior figure in the Republican Party, published "author", a serial guest on the D.C. talk-show and lecture circuit.

And Elizabeth Edwards is still dead.

There is no fucking justice in the world.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

I struggled long and hard about whether Calista Gingrich was fair game, but when she participated in Newt's racist anti-Islamic terror video she became fair game.

We did a podcast on it, which one can listen to for free with no download here:

FDChief said...

BG: I'm a simpler soul than that; when she signed on to work as his intern knowing what a meeching little weasel he was, when she provided a clandestine dock for the SS Little Newt while he was still married AND pitching the Moral Majority's woo, when she put her name on his skeevy "Foundation" she became just another empty Republican tin can begging for the .22 rimfire.

I'll have to check out your observations on this Stepford Skank.

Lisa said...

Truly terrifying snapshot of a wayward soul.