Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Jukebox: Killin' Floor Edition

Because the Little Cat is Going Home forever tonight.

I feel like a fool for grieving for a small domestic predator whose primary interest in me for the past 15 years has been as a source of food and a warm lap to sit in. But she HAS been with me, through happy times and sad, through divorce and remarriage, through many different jobs and two children and a grief so keen that the scars it left behind are still on etched on my heart like the mended fractures in an old china bowl.

I will miss the feel of her soft fur under my hand, and the light weight of her on my chest.


pellegrinch said...

I don't even know her and I will still cry.

Lisa said...

You and your pet were friends, alone, and that is a deep bond. I am feeling your loss.