Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spy vs. Spy: Bay State Fathead Edition


Good to know that only the most cunning and hardest-core of the fiendishly cunning hardcore Mooslim evildoers lurking behind the arras of Islamofascism can evade our highly trained Homeland Security colossus and harm us;
"After being read Miranda rights, the Boston bombing suspect in custody, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has stopped talking to authorities, officials tell the Associated Press. "The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings acknowledged to the FBI his role in the attacks but did so before he was advised of his constitutional right to keep quiet and seek a lawyer, U.S. officials said Wednesday,"
This guy has been in the U.S. since he was nine and has never, EVER watched a TV police show. Or cop movie.


Had NO clue that crime suspects lawyer up and dummy up.

Until they told him.

Remind me - how the hell did this fucking idiot figure out which side of the pressure cooker to put the boomy-stuff in?

And this is the latest Fiendishly Cunning Mooslim Evildoer? Man, they gotta be vacuuming the bottom of the gene pool over there in Scary Islamofascistic Caliphate-wannabe Terrist LandTM.

(h/t to Doghouse Riley for the update.)


Leon said...

Wow, they might have to, INTERROGATE him over a few sessions! I mean instead of communicating his manifesto, walking them through the steps he took to commit this crime, his plans afterwards! It's like a terrorist intent on mass casualties never planned to make things easy for us!


FDChief said...

My understanding of the genuine article jihadi type is that they don't care about this stuff; they're happy to tell the infidels about their acts and their plans (outside of giving up their buddies who might still be lurking about...) because they're not in this to beat the rap.

Which, in turn, suggests that this idiot ISN't "a terrorist intent on mass casualties" but an idiot who somehow drifted into this or got roped in by his older brother (who DOES appear to have been pretty radical-Islamized by some joker at his mosque) and who is realizing that he's looking at 50-to-life.

And even more revealing is the story of the brothers' lives between Monday and Thursday of last week;

"What did they do in the interim three days? Go to the gym, check in on their busted car, and, in Dzhokhar's case, go to a party on the UMass-Dartmouth campus."

So Gavrilo Prinzep, these guys weren't...

Syrbal/Labrys said...

I once had a friend who was a defense lawyer for a while. She said that in the main, criminals were criminals because they were stupid --- the whole movie super-villain image is, well, a movie trope.

I think this is something Americans need to have hammered into their heads about MOST "terrorists", too. They are usually poor, none too well educated (if educated at all), they are easily led and not exactly master-minds of any sort.

And some of them, frankly the brighter ones, only blow themselves to their hoped for kingdom come for the money that will be paid to their survivors. If we could STOP seeing such people as vicious murderous thugs and see them as helpless, desperate pawns we'd have a much better chance of changing the events that lead us to the endless and phony "war on terror."

Ok, now that I got my pipe dream out of my system, I can go slave in the dirt all weekend.

FDChief said...

Labrys: Yep. The whole notion of turning the social and political norms of the United States upside down (i.e. doing what the GOP has been trying to do since 2001) based on fear and loathing of this cheap idiot disposable meat is somewhere beyond ridiculous.

But, there; that's the State of Our Union...

Lisa said...

Terrorists have never been an existential threat to the U.S., but they do what they can do, which is cause terror and death.

As for Dzhokar's talking before being Miranda-ized, I suspect pain killer-induced haze versus stupidity is to blame for his talking. He got into Dartmouth, so likely he's not an idiot.

FDChief said...

I dunno, Lisa; he sounds like regardless of his grades like he's kind of simple. The more I hear and read about this the less impressed I am with these gomers. They seem to have been the Dylan and Klebold of "terrorism". And those guys, too, caused "terror and death". But not in any particular attempt to shape or change public opinion or policies.

I agree with jim that we REALLY need to rethink what we're doing re: this whole "war on terror" nonsense. But not sure that these guys are a data point therein.

Barry said...

"Remind me - how the hell did this fucking idiot figure out which side of the pressure cooker to put the boomy-stuff in? "

I imagine that the real story is that he was conscious enough to shut up. Remember that before then he'd have been wounded and on a steady drip of happy juice.