Saturday, April 13, 2013

So he picks up his bowling ball and puts it in the sink...

Gee. I can't imagine how anything connected with this slice of genius pie could possibly go wrong in any way.

What the hell is the matter with the New York Times, giving this moron space on the editorial page?

"China’s role in a potential war on the Korean Peninsula is hard to predict." Gee, we can't figure out which way the large Asian nuclear superpower will react to an aggressive act of war on our let's bomb some of their allies' shit and see what happens?

What sort of goddamn fool thinks that way? Wait, wait...I already know - the sort that thinks that invading a crapped out ethnically chaotic former Ottoman Empire Third World kleptocracy will result in candy and flowers?

Haven't we seen what happens when you listen to that sort of mouthbreather?

"This is the kind of pre-emptive action that would save lives and maybe even preserve the uneasy peace on the Korean Peninsula." Because we've seen how well bombing things without a sensible geopolitical plan for dealing with the fallout and blowback works in places like Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan?

Why, why, WHY can't we have a better press corps?

And UT-Austin...WTF, guys? You PAY this moron? For teaching this kind of stuff? And yet I couldn't get on full-time at the local community college?

Christ, UT, for the money this guy makes I promise - seriously, no shit - I could at least produce something smarter than this. I'll bet there are Aggies who could, too.

Aggies, guys. Fucking Aggies.

Just sayin'.


Leon said...

I thought we'd stopped letting idiots drive the public opinion bus after Dubya?

Then it's easy for him to preach that, he's not at risk, his country is not going to suffer tens of thousands of casualties, be saddled with billions of damage to Seoul, and then be on the hook for trillions to reintegrate the Norks. I've seen one comment that, for the South, winning the war would be even more calamitous.

WDMX said...

This thing's had me fuming all day. I mean, wtf? How does this pass muster at the NYT? Oh wait, I'm starting to remember how easily the Grey Lady lifted her skirt for that other preemptive war.

Thanks, though, for the Aggies image. I needed the larf. Can we give Texas back to Mexico already?

pharris said...

As an ex-student at A&M (though I escaped before graduation, with only minor brain damage) I have to call BS on that photo. A real Aggie drum doesn't have text, it has ideograms.