Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Calling it Treason

I note in passing - and with great pleasure - the ongoing incarceration and impending trial of the Malheur Moron Mulisha for their hijinks in Harney County but with some irritation that a passel of their enablers remain not just free of the sneezer but in position to do considerable damage to republican government:
"Harney County Judge Steve Grasty thanks the group for their concern, but asks them to stay away from the refuge. Grasty said the militants were showing signs of fatigue and defeat, and worried that a visit from lawmakers would reinvigorate Ammon Bundy and the rest of the occupiers.

“If we’re getting close (to a resolution), and you embolden Bundy by your presence, and this runs on for weeks and months, it will be awful in this community,” Grasty said.

The FBI agent also asked the lawmakers not to visit the refuge.

Those pleas fell on deaf ears. And Grasty’s prediction came true.

COWS representatives visited the refuge, which was closed to the public. The lawmakers acknowledge they fed the militants information gathered from that meeting, and militant leaders talked openly about what they learned from those disclosures."
I've already said my piece on the idiot wingnut Fiore (who shouldn't be trusted with a Lucky Strike and a Mint Milano, IMO...) but the other seditious bastards have no more business continuing to hold elective office under the United States Constitution than does Kim Jung Un.
Two-gun Fiore continues to spout her treasonous defiance of her own government.
"Meanwhile, the arrest of the militants appears to be strengthening the Coalition of Western States, or at least helping its cause. Although she wouldn’t provide names, Fiore said the coalition has new members, including from the East Coast.

The GOP-controlled Congress is also considering legislation that would remove the Bureau of Land Management’s ability to enforce the law.

“We are not going away,” Fiore said. “We are dug in, and we will fight until this tyranny is defeated.”
Tyranny? Tyranny, you ignorant ass? Like armed seditionists seizing public property and standing off their fellow citizens at gunpoint?

Fear. Fear is the beginning of wisdom with the goddamn people. All's I'm saying.

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