Saturday, September 13, 2008

Believe in THIS..!

OK, so, technically this is breaking my pledge to avoid politics for the weekend, but I'm at work - again - and I was fooling around on the net whan this just made me laugh my ass off. I mean, I'm an Obama guy (the alternative is too awful to contemplate for reasons I'll leave to you to figure out) but I think the "Change" theme is moronic. More moronic for McSame and the LipstickPitbull, but if anyone here thinks that Obama is going to be some sort of Che in a business suit I have some fiiiine real estate deals you might want to contact me about.) And here was a funny that played directly into my brainpan."Get Fuzzy" is one of the few newspaper comics I can stomach anymore (and don't get me started about the appalling Lynn Johnston "For Better Or For Worse" new-runs or redraws of whatever they're calling them). Though I have to admit that I think Conley has lost a little of his edge just recently this one totally got me. I just can't stop chuckling at the thought of poor Satchel, and Bucky Katt bursting through the door with his sock full of nickels (why does it seem that nickels are inherantly funnier than dimes or quarters?) and his faux Obama warcry.

My Saturday is pretty well fucked - I've been at work since 8:00 and I am due back at the jobsite at noon (the dumb bohunks are completely ate up...) but there's no reason yours should be. So for your entertainment here's today's "GF".NooooBODY Expects the Alaskan Politician!!


rangeragainstwar said...


FYI--I am one of those "stupid bohunks" :) My grandparents came over from Czechoslovakia, Bohemia regions. Being p.c. is such a touchy thing these days, eh?

Does this mean the honeymoon's over?!

FDChief said...

Jim: is "bohunk" an actual racial slur? Yerkiddinme!

The bohunks in question are 1) very, very Saxon, in the case of the contractor, and 2) exclusively Mexican in the case of the guys doing the actual work. So I use the term in the generic "fuckin' bastards" sense of the word. "Goombas", "fucktards" or "sheisskopfs" would have worked as well.

"Bohunk" was really a slur against Bohemians? I'll be gotohell.

My grandpa was a genuine Scot, but I'm not aware of a racist slur I can give you to use back at me. "Cheap Scots sheep-buggerer" is as close as I can come, but that's SO cumbersome.

I always liked the French tag for the kilted Highlanders: "Les Dames d'Enfer"; "The Ladies from Hell".

rangeragainstwar said...


Understood--EOE catchall dismissive.

When I was growing up, "bohunk" was a derogatory comment about anyone of Slovak or Hungarian ancestry, closely allied with the other favored term, "square-head," which we usually used vs. the Krauts and Slovenians. (Hey, they really do have square heads; think "Breshnev. Oops, he's a rooskie, but they come under the same rubric. How 'bout Rommel?)

Bohunk implies hopelessly rusticated, provincial, no-fashion-sense, DP potato-eater. No way out.

I do hope you get the pretty sheep ;)(Lipstick might work, since I hear it is not p.c. to put it on pigs these days.)