Friday, September 19, 2008

A Good Thing..?

One thing I note in passing is this:

As an American taxpayer I now have a stake in the insurance-and-whatthefuck corporate giant AIG.

As such, I become a sort of proxy majority sponsor of the English Premier League club Manchester United.

Problem? I loathe ManUre and the other "big four" Premiership clubs for being the cash-bloated frontrunners that are. It's not that they're not good. It's not that I wouldn't give a nut to get MY favorite English club (Norwich City) into the UEFA Champions' League. But not at the price of becoming an ugly corporate monster like the big English clubs.

Dear God, what a horrible choice. Support the red devils and become just another silverware-walloping ManU lover? Or continue to pray for "Norwich and whoever's playing United!"Naow - fuck them Scum...On the ball, City!!


Charles Gittings said...

Hmm, another rare point of disagreement with FDC. Not that I don't understand your agony mind you. I got interested in Soccer when Cantona was playing, and I've been a United fan ever since.

But it's to your credit that despite your handle you at least have the sense not to be a fan of the Gunners. [ Side note: back in my bridge-playing days, my (well-deserved) nickname was "The Gunner", oddly enough. ]

FDChief said...

Charles: Cantona was one of the reasons I could never take to United: a goalpoacher with a monster ego, he seemed to me a living symbol of the rich arrogance of the big club.

The irritating thing is that Manchester is GOOD. They play an attractive style of attacking soccer and they've always had one or two players I really enjoy, like Cristiano Ronaldo. So I don't necessarily enjoy being a ManU hater...there are just some things that you have to do to retain your self-respect.

The Gooners and Chelski, though, much easier! Nothing like being a bunch of bloated underachievers. Take away the foreign swag and they're down to the Conference in no time!

Interesting note: I understand that this year there's a pretty vicious fan revolt at Manchester against the new ownership. They're calling it "Man U-S-A" and not happily...

Charles Gittings said...

Like I said: I understand your agony. :)

The reason I liked Cantona so much is that he reminded me of a girl named Kindra who was the star of my under-eight-girls team, the 79ers, during my short stint as a coac