Friday, September 05, 2008

MWM/MWF ISO hot Republic for NSA 3SOME

Y'know what?

Screw Thuycidides and all that deep, heavy, philosophical metaphysics crap. All you need to know about the 2008 election is summed up in the movie "Booty Call".

Yep. The GOP - McSame and the Northern Exposure - is off on another electoral booty call.

And we know, that based on past experience, that once they get into America's governmental pants they'll do what they always do: flail around uselessly, pleasing only themselves, clueless and greedy, ignoring the mutual satisfaction of their victim in their relentless quest for what's best for them.

And, after they've gotten their nut (deregulated everything in sight for the greater profit of their corporate masters, lined their pockets and the pockets of their cronies, gone as far as possible to satisfy their christopathic legions with back-to-the-Victorian-Era social policymaking) they'll grin at our fury, our impotent anger and frustration with the results of this goatscrew - the battered infrastructure and ripped social fabric and shredded national honor - and sneer "Wassamatter, babe? Am I just too much man for ya?"

Fucktards. God DAMN them!

The problem the U.S. has right now is that the party that has figured out how to win elections can't fuckin' govern worth a damn. And the party whose goals are closer to the general good can't fuckin' win elections.

Good Christ! We're so fuckin' screwed.

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atomic mama said...

Well, this post just sums it all up in a nutshell. Hells bells. Except when you say "the party that has figured out how to win elections", I assume you are using the term "win" very, very loosely?