Monday, September 01, 2008

Party in Progress

In honor of the 2008 GOP National Convention, I'm going on a blogging blitz-o-thon to pollute your minds with my opinions on the standard GOP talking points for this election year.Mind you, I still have lots of bloggy goodness about concerning The Peeper, Little Missy, Mojo, home improvement, Miss Lily's flea allergy and more! But this week it's all Repugs, all the time.

Stay tuned - it'll be action packed!

Tonight: the Big One: ABORTION!


Charles Gittings said...

Can't we talk about soccer instead?

I got interested in soccer by coaching it. When my oldest turned five I wanted him to play a sport, and soccer seemed like a good choice becasue it's excellent exercise and a lot safer than American football. Then made the mistake of saying I'd be willing to volunteer a bit, and instantly appointed head coach.

Fortunately, my assistant coach was a co-founder of the league who'd been coaching for 15 years (his youngest daughter was on my team). So there I was with a random assortment of 4 and 5-year-olds and a ball. Turned out to be big fun and quite rewarding.

basilbeast said...

A little like herding cats, isn't it Charles?

8 -)


pluto said...

I understand Charlie's feelings on soccer, many years ago I became a Boy Scout leader in much the same way but I'm REALLY looking forward to the Chief's take on the RNC.

This afternoon I had a rare moment of... I really don't know what it was. I was channel-flipping on the radio while doing chores and hit a conservative talk radio host getting ripped to shreds by his audience for daring to ask what John McCain's presence did for the first-responders in Louisiana and why he wasn't administering rather than photo-op-ing. Then there was the hoo-rah over Palin's knocked-up daughter...

The Republican party's sole virtue is unity and these loyal party members were dueling it out with screaming chain-saws at three paces. Gruesome but morbidly interesting to watch from a safe distance. I don't know if this was a skirmish or a sign of things to come but it was very different.

Charles Gittings said...


Obama was asked yesterday why he wasn't going to Louisiana, and his answer was great:

"Because with all the Secret Service requirements we have these days, any time we go anywhere we have to have coordination and support from the local law enforcement, etc. After the storm clears through, if the folks in Louisiana think there's some help I can be to them, I'll be there in a hot minute."

As for the Republicans, I have nothing to say that I haven't already said many times before. I just pray that the people finally wise up and give them what they deserve.