Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Eye Candy

Jobu say: gods angry.Is this the definition of "buffed", or what? I think this guy has managed to define muscles where muscles shouldn't be, proving once again that male dancers are incredibly beautiful. (This particular eye candy is for Lisa, BTW)I just liked the composition, with the little girl in red amid that dappled sea of white burqas.I have a couple of dozen jumps on my DA Form 1307 but offhand I don't remember seeing this anywhere on Sicily DZ...THAT's a close call. For more, visit "The year 2008 in photographs" here. There are times when video really doesn't tell the story better. (Big h/t to Nancy Nall.)

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Lisa said...

Be still my heart. You don't know how fabulous this message is, Chief, tonight. Now, I must go forth and find even a reasonable facsimile.