Friday, December 19, 2008


So poor Mojo is finally feeling a little better a week after her surgery.

The kids still have a bit of a hard time understanding why Mommy can't pick them up. I left for work this morning with a little pack of begging babies following their mom around like wolf pups whining "Mommy! Mommy!" - there are times when it's hard to believe that the Peeper is a big five-year-old; he can act like a teen-ager and then he's suddenly whining and crying like a toddler. And, of course, Missy IS a toddler!

The grandparents are sleeping on the inflatobed in Missy unfinished room, and I'm struggling with some sort of loathesome stomach bug. Half the Christmas stuff is yet undone and the weather has been utterly appalling; ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, dogs and cats living's bloody awful. How we're going to get all the way across town to my company's holiday do I don't know.Anyway, all of this is a long way 'round to say that I haven't been posting because it's been completely nuts around here. Hopefully the weekend will allow me some time for reflection. In the interim, you can't do better than to check in on what Ranger Jim has to say about what our pointless "capture-the-flag" battles in Afghanistan say about our lack of political and military leadership. Read what Paul Krugman has to say about the Madoff Men and their effect on our Republic. Consider Fred Clark's ruminations about fairness in the life of dogs and men. Or, if you're in more of a holiday mood and you just want simple beauty, enjoy the lovely images and pensive moments of the Wanderer's Daughter.

And I'll be back shortly.


Debra Sue said...

Hope Mojo's on the mend. If it's what I am thinking, she'll feel amazing in about a month.

Hope you're on the mend too!

Lisa said...

Very sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you're feeling back to your hale and hearty self soon. (Thanks for the kind words.)