Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holly Jolly Christwhatthefu...?

I know I promised I wouldn't post anything political or military until after the New Year but this was just too freaking wierd to pass on.

(Big tip of the hat to The Rude Pundit, who unearthed this horrible oddity)...

This is...I...what...I can't really figure out what to say other than if you wrote this in a story people would laugh and sneer at you. It seems beyond ridiculous. Follow the link; Santa, military bands, kids building holiday dioramas including dismembered "terrorists" with fingernail polish blood, balloons and flags and palm trees and automatic weaponry and body bags.

That's just...fuck, I dont know what it is. Wrong. Wierd. Messed up like polio.

I try to remember that this is supposed to be a time all about home and family and hope and peace. But it's hard.

There's a hard old world out there. And so many things to keep a Daddy awake at night.


Lisa said...

Sheer insanity (inanity?) Mad.

Hmmm. . . well, at least they'll know that Baby Jeebus is the reason for the winter of their discontent.

basilbeast said...

Yeah, I saw that on Rude. Have you been keeping up with Drifty too? Good stuff there too.

Howze the weather up in Oregon? Some bloggy friends of mine right across the border from you in Washington lost their power, so I hope you and yours are safe and snug.

As for Baby Jesus, I'm sure you know there was a sizeable Christian community in Iraq, until Bush el ze Bub got rid of them.

Merry Christmas and the Best New Year Ever to you and yours, Chief, and you too, Lisa and anybody else who stumbles onto the GFT.

I've been reading your site, Lisa, since I met you here. Great stuff.

If I knew your addresses, had the money, and knew where to get them, I'd send everybody a pair of "Bye Bye Bush" shoes, guaranteed to hit whatever you aim them at!

But I don't, so I'll leave something Christmasy and fun that my little sister sent me.

Enjoy! :)



Lisa said...

Thank you, Basilbeast. I remember your brilliant commentary at the old Inteldump, no?

Love your Arabization of Beelzebubba's name (Bush el ze Bub).
Merry Christmas.

pluto said...

Truly a bit off center in more ways than one.

Merry Christmas everybody and may the new year be better than the last one.