Friday, December 12, 2008

Such a day (update)

Mojo is home and sleeping, sore and a little knocked out. Her surgeon says that her procedure went well, tho, and she should recover nicely. She'll still be off her feet for the weekend and going slowly and tenderly for some time. Thank Zappa for the Miracle of Percocet.

My job, and a full-time job it looks, it to keep the grunions from leaping upon her. It is a little frustrating to have to take vaction days but my company was pretty stingy about "medical leave" since I wasn't the one being medick-ed...In between running interference between Mommy and the Offspring I will try and finish sanding down the texture on the old drywall in Missy's room. Ugh. I believe that this labor was reserved for adulterers and practitioners of sorcerous faiths in Dante's Inferno. It truly sucks, generating lung- and eye-searing quantities of noxious plaster dust which, curtain as you will, settled in a thin layer all over the house.The only bright spot from the past 24 hours was we all got to watch "The Wonderpets Save The Nutcracker" twice. Got me thinking - remember back in the spring when we talked about the disconnect between the High classical Arts like painting, opera, dance and sculpture and the vast bulk of American pop culture? Well, I want to talk about the Wonderpets as Popular Operetta - "Die Zauberflöte" only sung by a turtle, a hamster and a duck.

So. Later for that. Gotta go check on the missus.


Lisa said...

My sympathies are with you -- that is a nasty job.

mike said...

My first attempt at sanding drywall lasted about 30 seconds. Then Mrs Mike called a halt, and:

1] had me hang a double curtain of heavy duty polyethylene sheeting.

2] sent me to the hardware store to buy the highest horsepower shopvac ever made.

3] invite our son-in-law to staand behind me with the shopvac on the highest setting as I sanded.

That did not work either. From then on, I have never tried to do a smooth finish on drywall. I just cover the wall with grass-cloth wallpaper. It covers all sins and blemishes.

isolate that room from the rest of the house

Red Sand said...

Happy healing thoughts to Mojo.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Wonderpets save the Nutcracker? What am I missing here?? Toddler shows are still a foreign language around these parts, as we have not been able to interest Q in what is going on on that flickering screen. Not that I'm complaining. Maybe she'll finish Moby Dick before daddy does (for some reason, it's his nemesis. Pun intended.)