Monday, November 02, 2009

Eye Trouble

Big boy Peep had a skin tag.

Have you ever seen one of those? They are odd little growths, not like a mole or a wart, but rather little slender eruptions of skin cells. They are fairly benign and are generally not even enough bother to warrant excision. But this one was on little man's eyelid.

He started to get teased about it this spring, and finally by late summer he'd had enough. We went in to see his pediatrician, who recommended a plastic surgeon. The surgeon explained what would have to happen, and after a week of dithering the Peep said okay.

I think I was more nervous than he was the morning he scampered out into the predawn darkness with his mom to go to the hospital. And, sure enough, everything went fine.See how tiny the little hematoma is on his left eyelid. Teeny stuff. And he was more excited about the little stuffed dog the doctors gave him than worried about his eye. He was already smiling in Recovery.I worried about him a bit, about the injury getting infected or post-op swelling, and generally about how it would affect his usual Tiggerish bounciness. But tonight he climbed up on the couch, straddled my head and teabagged me, and, once he had me down, farted in my ear.

I suspect he's just fine.


Anonymous said...

This child needs a new nickname. He will demand one soon. Be proactive!

FDChief said...

Anon: Well, the one he picked, "Zorgon, Dread Master of the Slime Vogs", just doesn't roll off the tongue.

Actually, he most commonly goes by "Sparky" these days. His nom de blog is likely to remain the same, tho, just because he's referenced by it so much.