Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quo vadis?

Armistice Day is past, the late-year holidays yet to come.

Little girl hasn't got her new glasses yet; that'll be a post for later in the month.

I still haven't much to say about the economic and political foolishness in our capital; the same fools are doing the same fooling they were a year ago.

I'm working on a geology post and the decisive battle for November, but what about the short term?

So...any suggestions from the audience? What would YOU like me to talk about?


Ael said...

How about various terms for shirts?

"red shirt"
"stuffed shirt"

FDChief said...

Ael: Nice!

You will notice that I corrected my typo. It's sad to reflect that I got a B in typing in Mrs. Hardestee's class at Glenbard West HS back in 1973.

mike said...

How about:

"Ron Wyden"

"slope stability"

"Sino-African relations"

Lisa said...

Now me, I'm interested in the interpersonal aspects. Why do some men see in a woman an entire universe, while others see her as a compendium of discrete biological parts?

What do you respect in a woman? Is it the same things as for a man? Gosh, this is probably the domain of Facebook, if I actually did it.

(But you once promised such a study of the sexes a while back, though one of your readers cautioned you against it.)

FDChief said...

Lisa: that's a good idea. It'll take more than one post. Lemme think about it a little...

Lisa said...

"Is it the same things as for a man?"

[Hangs her head]: Grammatically, that would be "Are they the the same things as for a man."

I hope immaculate grammar is not one of your prerequisites :) Sometimes, me talk bad on purpose.