Monday, November 09, 2009

Send her off! Send her off!

Soccer.It's a cruel game.

And it's even crueller when some bee-yotch grabs your ponytail and throws you down like you were the calf in the calf roping contest.

I don't pretend to be a rules committee member, but I'm fairly sure that any one of these is an ejectionable offense. My first thought - having assistant-coached for three seasons in the Portland Interscholastic League, where shite refereeing is an art form, like interpretive dance - was: where the fuck is the referee and his two "assistants"? WTF??!!

Gee, red card, Loudy? Y'think..?

(And to the caption artiste at YouTube..."catfighting"? "Catfighting"!? She may be a jackhole with ovaries that clang together when she walks but "catfight" with her and she'll hoof yer pods right through the roof of your mouth, man!)


Sheerahkahn said...

In football, it generally is called a personal foul 15 yards, but if the ref doesn't catch it...there are "ways" of introducing "corrective measures" to an opposing player's waywardness, and usually it comes out of nowhere with a whole lot of brutal blunt force.
I know of a lineman for a certain team who got out of line.
Oh he got his lick in on me...but then again, one of my team mates introduced him to the term, "getting your bell rung."
He was helped off the field...totally clean hit too...the guy never saw it coming.

FDChief said...

Sheerah: there's something like that in soccer, too. I have no idea what was going on in this game or why this defender was allowed to get away with all this stuff. I know that on teams I've played on after the first two or three dirty fouls someone would have gone in with their cleats up and she'd have been stretchered off with waffle prints on her groin - if she was lucky; on the side of her head if she wasn't.

Horrible refereeing. She should have been sent off for the elbow shot to the back.

Lisa said...

What a psychopath. Here's where p.c. meets the myth of the gentler sex. Because we are accustomed to women being a bit "bitchy", we label this brutality as a "catfight".

Women on the field of competition should get no quarter for such behavior. We must separate the behavior of the flirty boy pulling pigtails from that of the brutal misogynist (be they man or woman.)