Monday, November 16, 2009


OK: here's the deal.

I have no shame - I grew up in Chicago, where logrolling, deal-making and backscratching are a Way of Life. And I have someone I want you to consider helping. No, I have someone I want to flat-out try and push you into helping.

Her name is Maia, and her wonderful blog (which is bookmarked on this page) is Une Envie de Sel.Right now she's in the running for what sounds like a delightful trip to the City of Light. What she needs is for you and I to go over to the Yves St. Laurent website and vote for her.

I could tell you about what a brillantly artistic person she is, about her adorable little family and her precociously magical daughter QQ. But, what the hell. In the spirit of the great Mare Daley, we have a saying about participatory democracy: don't ask me about the gawddam issues, just vote early and vote often.So - why are we still standing here talking? Let's get over there and vote. Hizzonor would tell you: dose tickets ain't gonna win demselves.

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Barry said...

I hate to say it, but she's being stomped by Leah, who's got more than 10x her votes. Chief, I think that you've been out of the Windy City too long, and have lost your golden touch :)