Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Babies! Wegotcher RED-hot BAY-bees heeear!

As most of you probably don't know, CCAA delivered (courtesy of the maliman) it's latest mombomb run yesterday. A bunch of lucky people just found out that they are new mommies and daddies.

And a bunch of little girls and boys just got new adoptive mommies and daddies. They don't know that, of course. Right now it's just another day just like all the others at their government orphanage somewhere in Anhui Province. But still..the process is hastening them towards that "gotcha day", that long plane ride, that long, long arc of wubbies and braces and cuddling and drum sets and boring family vacations and parent-teacher conferences so that sixteen years from now they will be able to scream "You don't understand me! You've never understood me!! before slamming the door to their rooms in tears, all the same.

I am still thinking about something that has puzzled me about this wierd adoption process: the whole "adoptive mom" versus "adoptive dad" thing. But I have to get to work. So it will have to wait until tonight.

But for now...to Maya's new mommy and daddy and to all the other new mommies and daddies and little girls and boys waking up today: good morning and good luck.


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