Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Pink

Mojolicious here (spouse of J, the FDC Chief here at Graphic Firing Table). In response to our friends at Different Dirt, I am posting photos of our First, Second, and Third Pinks, as well as First Brown and First Red. In an effort to cancel out our UR-BOY son, his sister May will be forced to wear pink (until old enough to shuck her own laundry in protest). Damn that Peeper, it's frozen peas, dirt and grub all the time with that one. Where does he get it? Oh yeah, his papa - that explains the breast obsession, too.

Peeper: I just want to pet them , Mom, calm down.

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Millicent said...

pink, Pink, PInk, PINk, PINK (and some red and some brown)!!!! I am loving and adoring the fur-lined jacket. That's an incredible score. They're all so....cute. Thanks for sharing them with us.