Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cute Little Nipper

Our little angel, shown here contemplating some mischief, has begun to show some of the little devil inside all Good Girls.

Specifically; she's started to nip us.

This is hard to deal with, first, because it's difficult to tell whether this biting is a teething deal (Mojo's theory) or a "biting-is-fun" deal (my theory). We have pretty much discounted the "Satanic-Child-of-Evil" deal (Peeper's theory), although the Peep still nurses his bite mark, insisting that you never see Missy and Satan at the same time..!

Second because she's so darn cute, even when gnawing off part of your shoulder. She gives you SUCH a look with that sweet face just before that perfect rosebud mouth opens and those little pearly teeth emerge, like the slashing fangs of a vicious carnivore, to savage your flesh.

Heedless of the risk, I should tell you that our latest daddy-daughter fun is to "touch tongues" - she sticks out her teeny tongue, I stick out mine and we bonk the tips together and laugh - she has the most contagious giggle when she gets me plonk on the kisser. Mommy is horrified, which is part of the fun, and The Peeper thinks it's the grossest. The only downside is that Missy doesn't get the part where "touching tongues" isn't fun after little girls eat the canned cat food. Eeeewwww!!!

We also had to promise NOT to do it this Saturday when the social worker is here.

Sometimes the Mommy's job is to ensure that no one has inappropriate fun. Not even the Daddy.


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Sam said...

Well, it beats being licked! BTDT by my DAD!!! GROSSSSSS!!!!