Monday, January 14, 2008

What Mojo Did

So you remember how I spent the night on the town Saturday? do I.


So my good friend C over at Walternatives (she's password-protected so don't even THINK it...) asks "Sounds like a great evening, enjoying the game and then luxuriating in a late steak dinner. Curious - what does Mojo do on her nights off?"

Good question, C!!

Here at the Fire Direction Center we firmly believe that getting the goose sauced is saucy for the gander. Erm...that is, what's saucy for the gander is...well, we believe that Mojo's turn comes before the Chief's. So the week before my evening out my bride got TWO evenings sampling the rich savor of life in the City of Big Bridges.The first was Wednesday, and that one was a bit of a mystery. There are no pictures, and none of the survivors are talking except Thor, and all she says is "ya ya na na". So the above drawing is a court reporter's attempt to reconstruct the scene over at the Dirt Pile that evening, where Mojo, Kelli of Waiting for Sprout and the Millicious Mommy of Thor rode the range like wild cowgirls.

Or something.

The only firsthand report I got came late that night, when Mojo slid in. IT went something like this:

Me: How was your evening, sweetie?
Mojo: Good. We had fun. (This is Mojo's idea of a detailed description, BTW)

A pause

Mojo: Thor is a pretty amazing kid.
Me: I know, she's terrific. What did she do tonight that was so
Mojo: Well, Millie took her and put her in her crib,and...(in the sort
of voice that Balboa must have used on that peak in Darien,
transfixed by his first view of the immense and majestic Pacifc
...and she just WENT TO SLEEP.

Another, longer pause

Me: Wow.
Mojo: Yeah, I know.
Me: Wow.
Mojo: Christ, I wonder what that feels like?
Me: Wow.
Deb: I love Missy...but how the hell can we get her to do that..?

Funniest part: I talked to Millicent later on and she said that Thor had NEVER done that before. She was as amazed as Mojo. I told my bride, who is still scheming of ways to convince our daughter that Sleep is Good. To make matters even tougher for winning this round of competitive mothering, Thor also PEES IN THE POTTY!!!

Ohmifuckinggod. Our little girl's orphanmate is a freaking genius at two.

OK. So Friday night, Mojo goes out to Meriwether's with her pals from Fit Sisters, has a lovely meal and delightful conversation at one of Portland's most charming bistros.My contribution to all of this jollility was to care for Peepers and Missys - who contributed by generally being very sweet, loving, and going to sleep without (much) of a fuss...

But in general I'd say that this has caused me to rank right up there with St. Joseph as one of the true saints among husbands and daddies. Damn, I'm gonna buy myself a see-gar.


wzgirl said...

You two make a really great team...esp giving each other time outs when you need them. Great example.

wzgirl said...

Then again, you are veterans....

walternatives said...

GREAT SKETCH! C'mon - give it up - who's the artist? Man oh man, I wish that I could have been partying with those women.... That settles it; the Goob and I will have to retire in the Portland area. I miss y'all.