Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Nice Day Out

Carrie asked about this cartoon back in the posting for 1/14/08.

Fact is, I used to cartoon a bit, back before I went wrong, went over to the Dark Side of Reproduction and snatching heathen orphans and such.

This is back from the days of what we call "Pre-Mommy" here at the Fire Direction Center; said P-M being my ex-wife, since explaining how there was a mommy for daddy before The Mommy is hard for a four-year-old (hell, it was hard for a forty-four year old). But before things went to hell we had a great ten years, and my cartoons were a big part of our marriage. So this is both artifact and entertainment. As I recall the point of this one was to tell a story without using a single written word.

I think it worked, the joke is pretty obvious and I won't mar it with explanation other than:

1. My ex had an odd poufy perm forelock for a while - that's the cauliflower-looking thing on the front of her head, and

2. That thing in the word balloons at the bottom right of page 1, and in my word balloon on page 2, is "slug". The rest should make sense from context.

Suffice to say that we DID go hiking and had a pretty good time. But my ex never did understand that the Army had made hiking a trifle pointless to me unless there was an ambush at the end...
W're having a pretty rotten, cold, rainy Saturday. How 'bout you?


walternatives said...

You are talented on so many levels, Chief.

Thanks for posting this cartoon. Any chance you'll get back to cartooning? You've certainly got the material, yes, with the kids?

atomic mama said...

I enjoyed that! Nice work. So, given the cauliflower perm - was this in the 80s?

I, too, think Peeper and the toe-biter would make a good adventure series if you had the time.