Monday, January 21, 2008

Rub Her Feet

Did I mention that I like Brooke McEldowney's style?I think I enjoy this particular strip on a number of levels: first, there's nothing that says "I love you" like a footrub; second, I get a chuckle out of Amos' contrast between "marriage" and being "...fused only by our sweaty passion for each other..." (I think we know where he stands on the whole "Mother, he proposed! I'll never have to have sex again!" thing); and last, you could write a dense, allusion-studded, thorny diatribe on the whole business of marriage-versus-civil-unions, "gay rights" and who gets to decide who is a couple or not...but then again, you could just draw a cartoon where one lover points out to the other that no matter what label you slap on it, the staid marriage and the sordid fusion quite often lead down the same path, to the same place.

And that's kinda the point, isn't it?

Oh. And I like Edda's socks, too.


wzgirl said...

I like the idea that a modern woman doesn't care which way it goes - and isn't tied to the old school Ozzie and Harriet picture of how things Should Be.

walternatives said...

"Surprise me." It's all a surprise, really, but in the end, as you mentioned, the same destination.

After nearly 12 years of marriage, the biggest surprise is my capacity for such great love. I never imagined it to be so sweet, so fulfilling. I got lucky, big time.