Monday, January 07, 2008

Sadie, sadie...

...married lady.

Our friend - let's call her "C" - one of Mojo's old college buddies, has been a part of our lives almost since we were a couple. She's this terrific, fun, smart, funny, irreverent gal who, it seemed, couldn't find a guy to find her as great as her friends found her.

Until nowAnd now she's both a wife...and a mother! And knowing "C", she will be a loving wife and a doting mother, half angel and half devil, a joyous mystery and a sweet comfort, like cool sweet water after a long, hot, hard day.

How cool is that?
So to you both, from all of us: love, and happiness for your love, and joy, and time enough to live in it.

"But let still Silence true night watches keep,
That sacred peace may in assurance reign,
And timely sleep, when it is time to sleep,
May pour his limbs forth on your pleasant plain,
The whiles an hundred little winged loves,
Like divers feathered doves,
Shall fly and flutter round about your bed,
And in the secret dark, that none reproves
Their pretty stealths shall work, & snares shall spread
To filch away sweet snatches of delight,
Concealed through covert night.
Ye sons of Venus, play your sports at will,
For greedy pleasure, carelesse of your toys,
Thinks more upon her paradise of joyes,
Then what ye do, albe it good or ill.
All night therefore attend your merry play,
For it will soon be day:
Now none doth hinder you, that say or sing,
Nor will the woods now answer, nor your Echo ring."

Edmund Spenser; from "Amoretti and Epithalmion"

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walternatives said...

How cool is that? Way cool. Congrats to C and her husband.