Tuesday, June 03, 2008


One perk of Mojo's new job is that she gets to ride her bike to work.

Of course, little peepers STILL have to get to daycare...so that's where The Buggy comes in!Here's the hard-pedalling Mommy, leaden little moppets in tow, whirling frantically towards daycare like Margaret Hamilton riding the cyclone. Go, mommy, go!We're planning for Liege-Bastogne-Liege by next spring.


pluto said...

My wife gets to bike to work when the weather isn't too awful and enjoys it. I'd like to do the same but I've got a longer trip and the only bike routes available seem to be on crowded streets where the drivers all seem to be competing for "craziest driver of the year."

I've got a route spotted that looks like it would be okay but it is currently dug up with road construction.

Meghan H said...

Go, mommy go, indeed! There are days when I can barely lug my own weight to work on the bike, much less myself PLUS two short ones. Great job!

Lisa said...

Hi Chief,

Off topic:

I was sent an amazing clip today--here's the text. If you'd like the video clip, pls. send me your email and I'll send it along

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