Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dance me to the end of...what the fuck?!?

This sure helped me out of my funk:

My personal favorite: the lonely little jig in the white room along the DMZ, with only the motionless soldier to witness. Although the pogoing New Guineans is close.

Hat tip to basilbeast, who directed me there.

Do you have a favorite Matt-dance? Which one is it?


Lisa said...

This is sweet. You can't help but smile.

walternatives said...

Oh, I LOVE THIS! Thank you thank you. I remember when they were coming to my city, asking for participants - gave me chill bumps to see them dancing here.
How can someone not get happy while watching this? Can't be done.

Thanks for this; I'm going to post it on my blog, too.

basilbeast said...

Outside the 2 you mentioned, the Gurgaon India and Madrid for the movement and color.

Paris scene, the long and black-haired guy just right of center in a white t-shirt.

My wife liked the weightless scene.


Anonymous said...

Col. Bob's blogging sent me to see the dancing earlier today--you're right. You just can't see this and stay in a bad mood. you just can't. (well, maybe dick cheney could.)
Favs? Gurgaon, India, for one; Istanbul for another. Makes me want to DANCE!!!

Rick98c said...

Black Cat Banzai is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Must send links to all who might appreciate it. That and figure out how to pirate it for a music video.