Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What he said

"Instead, following the Sacred Conservative Scrolls with absolute fidelity, Commander Guy destroyed everything he touched; sowing nothing but disaster while making sure his cronies reap obscene profits auctioning off the blood-stained rubble.

While Osama bin Laden sips Virgin Mojitos in our 'allies' backyard and releases more tapes in a year than The Pixies have released in 20, their Bicycle Chief limps around the world one last time, trailing weakness and humiliation like a sick dog butt-scooting across the floor, and leaving behind him an America fast becoming a Hobo Nation.

A terrifying international joke with no punch line in sight.

Where once we were a respected superpower that could broker global agreements with relatively clean hands and intentions, after seven year of Republican rule, Dubya and his Republican Party have vivisected and perverted America into a lethally belligerent extension of their own polluted souls: a power-drunk thug-state that recklessly flashes its nuclear arsenal like a mean drunk brandishing a broken bottle."

Damn, I wish I could write like that.

Read the rest here.


pluto said...

Chief, you've written some remarkably withering (and yet refreshingly literate) sarcasm in your time.

This guy's pretty good but he's all about tearing down Bush and doesn't speak about what needs to come after. I don't do one without the other because any idiot can wreck a civilization (we've gathered plenty of proof of that over the last seven years), it takes much more talent to talk intelligently about how to put it back together again.

basilbeast said...

I read drifty off and on too, and I also used to read rudepundit as well. Drifty is more civilized, but still, he'll take you through the long way through hell, before he decides to climb back out.

I'm with pluto on his assessment.

The reason I hang around is that your writing sounds like conversation with someone who knows what they're talking about.

Among other things.


FDChief said...

Pluto, Basil: true enough. My issue is that we can't seem to lance this damn boil. And nothing the current gang of idiots seem to do gets the Senate and People mad enough to hurl their sorry asses off the Tarpean Rock - which is the first step to rebuilding (if such is possible) our polity.

Drifty speaks for the angry side of me that I generally choose not to air on this blog. What I enjoy about his rants is he has a gift for imagery and bile I can't even approximate. Hence my jealousy.

It's like a tantrum. You know it doesn't solve anything, but sometimes it's just so DAMN satisying.