Sunday, June 01, 2008

Quiet Weekend

We had an utterly domestic weekend home.

Nobody went anywhere, other than the Fred Meyer's, Fit Sisters (Mommy on Saturday morning while the kids and I did a WinCo run) and Columbia pool (Peeper and I late today). There were no babysitters. No adult enertainment. And yet......nobody went insane. Nobody prayed for death to spare them from the two-zillionth viewing of "Garbage Monsters" or "Air Bud Plays Beer Pong". Much yard work was done, Missy's bedroom got a little attention (almost all the drywall support framing is in place. We still need to get the damn windows in, though...) and the place got cleaned and the laundry done.I guess I never realized until I think about how MUCH housework we do how much it takes to keep the place running smoothly. The amount of cooking, cleaning, washing and picking up that four humans, two both below the age of personal responsibility, require to live in a fashion other than australopithecene is fucking prodigious. I wonder how we've managed to live all these years without servants, I really do.

And we even managed to stop and have some fun. Paddled in the pool and drank from the hose. Baked cookies. Played a few games.Jumped on the bed. Mojo and Peep rode their scooters. Missy and I climbed the porch railing.So I can say honestly that we had an unrelievedly domestic weekend and here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm pleasantly tired with good fun and home-work, having enjoyed my children and our life together.

The only small complaint - since I'm an old soldier and we always have something to complain about - was that I didn't get to see my lovely bride enough. We need to work on that.

But other than that? Sweet. Hope you had as good a Glorious First of June.

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