Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunny Sunday Scoot

Finally! A sunny weekend day...

I had a really fairly rotten day Saturday. Worked all day in the drizzle in Linclon City, home late and exhausted and the kids were a little crazed. Still, we had fun going to the St. John's Pub and Tater Tots were enjoyed by all (even Mojo ate two).

But Sunday dawned clear d the day proved sunny and enticing. You know what that means...


All the scooterati - Mojo and Peeper - bombed up and down the street. Missy got out her little straddle-scooter, and Daddy walked with her was she chased the Big People.

Missy wanted to join the fun - the Big People scooters were way better than her little straddle scooter - and made me carry her over to the scootering.

So Mommy obliged with a gentle ride on her Razor.

Missy was a terrific passenger, and even experimented with some tricks of her own.

They grow up so fast...

This is what we call "The Cute Little Monkey Shinnies Up The Banyan Tree"

Observe the proudly possessive smile on the Mommy.

Her first baby scoter trick. Awwww!!

Meanwhile, the Peeper is waaaaay beyond this "girl stuff".

Note the Peeper's cool scooter trick here. He's getting frighteningly good at this.

I think watching the videos has helped.

Not recorded here (because the First Rule of Injured Children is: PUT DOWN THE CAMERA) is the spill Little Miss took trying to get her little scooter up the neighbor's driveway. She banged her chin and scraped her hands; there was much crying and eating of ice and then a nap. Poor little tad. But she was right back that afternoon with Missyrobics - but that's the next post.

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