Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Presents

So. Remember this morning, with little peepers bounding downstairs to bond with the daddy on Father's Day? In case you didn't, here's Little Miss enjoying a delicious breakfast thumb with Daddy at the computer.The cunning plan for today was to invite our friends Brent and Janelle over - Brent to help with installing the corner windows in Missy's bedroom, Janelle to hang out and help with entertaining little peeps.

Well, the plan worked like three Croats drywalling: we installed all three windows, got the bedroom cleaned and the place picked up - though, holy smoke, do I have a load for the dump! - and even managed some vanity projects like Peeper's rope swing for his soon-to-be tree house...BTW, I like the tool belt - gives that "Father's Day Project" kind of Village People macho man look, eh?. Everybody pitched in, we had a lovely lunch, and lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged (well, except between Brent and me; we opted for a manly sort of backslap hug. I mean, not like we're talking Brokeback Mountain here, we're just not that kind of demonstrative guys, OK?) and everybody had a good day except poor little Miss, who couldn't nap with all the racket until Mojo took her for a ride in the car. But here's the finished product: just needs Tyvek and siding!The interior is a huge difference:

Look how sunny the bedroom is now. compared to the nasty little dark hallway we started with back in February, neh?

I'm so happy I could just bite myself!

It wasn't all work and worry. We managed to play on the hammock a little, and the Peeper got his rope swing into action...And how about this: Mojo's project, these beautiful dragonflies outside the side door to the porch!The house is quiet not, and everyone is in bed, but I think the Peeper said it for all of us:

"On second thought, I'll have another drink."Hope you and yours all had a great Father's Day Weekend!


Beeb said...

Happy Father's day, chief! The peeps are adorable and the project impressive.

walternatives said...

Bravo! Job well done on the windows, Chief. I'm impressed. The dragonflies are a nice touch for the deck, too.

wzgirl said...

Happy Father's Day, Chief. Lookin' Good over there - and, yes, that tool belt is working for you. xo

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

Looks like a productive weekend, all around!

atomic mama said...

Ah, nice work! And I hope that was a double martini, at least!