Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contracts versus Mommies

Crazy week this week. Poor Mojo is completely slammed trying to get half a dozen ginormous contracts, purchase agreements, etc., cranked out by Friday.

Monday was moderately crazed - she got home at 6:30 or so. Tonight it was 9:00 and tomorrow and Thursday look just as bad.

So that means that Daddy gets to take up the slack - which is a lot, my DW is a spartan around the Fire Direction Center - and I'm not able to do nearly as much blogging.

Bad week for it, too, what with Spring arriving on Amherst Street with the first pink and white blooms budding out, Little Miss developing new heights in willfullness and the Peeper's awesome "counting-to-100" accomplishments.

Aaaannnd the G-20, with Brazil's Lula promising to whip up on some greedy white blue-eyed-financial-devil ass. And our boy Karzai plumping down firmly on the side of "She's your wife, Rahim, don't beg like you're whipped, boy, just TAKE that ass!" in grateful acknowledgment of the debt he owes to patriarchal Republican Christopaths everywhere. And of course we're up to our ass in the usual economic Sea of Troubles.

Oh, yes, and speaking of ass, Justine Lai is up to the 18th President in her "Join or Die" portfolio showing the artist having sex with America's chief executives.

Not to blab or anything, but...Ulysses, who knew? Did you EVER tell Julia about this spanking thing..?

And I'd never have figured Frank Pierce for such a playa. Just goes to show ya...

But at least I can say that "Monsters versus Aliens" is a very nice little movie.

It's a Dreamworks deal, so it's no Pixar. It lacks...something. The action parts don't quite carry it and the character development doesn't quite click; too little or too much.

But Reese Witherspoon (whom I usually can't stand) does nice vocal work as I-am-50-foot-woman-hear-me-roar, there's lots of monster funny and alien battles to amuse the Peeper and Steven Colbert and pop culture riffs to amuse the Daddy (though I have to say I got most of my laughs out of the straight-up send-ups of the classic monster movie stock characters, especially the giant kaiju mothra clone). It's not too scary for over-fives but might be for under-fours. If you have a littlie, and a rainy day, it's good popcorn fun.

Just remember that they won't understand the "Doctor Strangelove" reference at the end and, yes, freezing your head DOES hurt and is NOT a good idea for trying out on your baby sister just to see. Just in case. Because. You never know. Really. Reeeeaally...

C'mon, Peep, knock it off.


Pluto said...

I can only say that Justine Lai has no issues with exposing herself for a cause.

Lisa said...

"Ulysses, who knew?" -- he was only demonstrating his "Total War" concept in a performance-artish kind of way.

FDChief said...

His pal Bill Sherman would have said "Some of you young men think that sex is all glamour and glory,
but let me tell you, boys, it is all hell!"

Lisa said...

I thought he said it was "swell"? :)

sheerahkahn said...

I would just like to know what is with the whole "giant" women thing, anyway?
I imagine Freud would have a field day analyzing that one.

sheerahkahn said...

As for Justin Lai, sorry Chief, I am going to take your word for it, but I am not clicking that link.

Lisa said...


Was it is Woody Allen's "New York Stories" in which he had the 50 foot overbearing mother following him.

Oh, we could play with this for a long time. Maybe, men are thrown into the world expecting to be fighters and breadwinners, and they yearn to relinquish those responsibilities.

To whom? The harridan mother/teacher. If you supersize her, she is even more able to be you.

FDChief said...

Lisa: Given grumpy ol' Bill, I suspect that one was like the other...

Sheerah: Can't say I blame you.

And as far as the "giant" woman thing, I have run into several different outlooks on that.

Some guys seem to like the idea of a big, strong gal. They consider themselves...ummm..."up" to the challenge, whall we say.

Others seem to just like the idea of all that extra pulchritude.

And, as Lisa points out, there is a "giant mommy" faction, too.

I just like the idea of anyone - being big enough to be able to skate on Saturn convertibles. It seems like it'd be a fun way to spend the afternoon, so long as you could get back to normal size by suppertime.

basilbeast said...

Was it is Woody Allen's "New York Stories" in which he had the 50 foot overbearing mother following him.

Ha! Need I mention the giant booby chasing Woody ( oh there's a joke in there, isn't there? ) across the field or Woody and the sperm brigade?


Lisa said...


Woody has his issues. His ideas are usually better than his executions.

Wasn't "Zelig" great, though?