Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fire Guard

Everyone else is napping on this lazy, rainy Sunday. I was, too, but got up to blogread and lounge. Ahhh. Nice. I'm sort of the fire guard for the Fire Direction Center today, only without a CQ to come and jack me up for dozing on shift.

I want to think some more about the economic mess we're in, and there's a couple of Decisive Battles for March. So check back in later today and early next week.

I'm going to sit for a while and listen to the rain.


Anonymous said...

firewatch? I thought that went out with potbellied oil stoves in tents.

sheerahkahn said...

"I'm going to sit for a while and listen to the rain."

The quiet of a dimly lit house
The soft patter of rain outside
wind shakes the droplets from the leaves, the trees stand in resolute stillness, the grass grows greener with each drop,
and I find rest in the quiet solitude of natures embrace.

FDChief said...

Anon: Not a chance. Every trainee gets to pull fire guard. They don't actually guard against fire, but that's what it's called.

I actually was a genuine fire guard on a nontactical deployment in Florida where we had tent heaters and had to keep someone up at night to keep an eye on them.

Sheerah: Lovely. Thanks for this.