Thursday, January 03, 2013

Corpore sano


Our steroid-stuffed, underpaid "student athletes" are better than YOUR muscle-packed, ludicrously manipulated "student athletes! Neener neener!
I have to say that while I'm mildly pleased the hippies of University of Oregon are getting national press time over the rednecks of OSU my alma mater, Portland State, is a sad afterthought in an Oregon university system that is getting as overpriced and out-of-reach as every other university, and the entire notion that most people know my state's flagship "institute of higher learning" because of a bunch of guys who make absolutely zippety-doo-dah playing a sport where everyone else involved lives by the rule of CREAM* is flat-out fucking ridiculous.
Sigh. Did you hear any of that?

Yeah, yeah, I know, okay, fine.

Gooooooo Ducks! There, I said it. Am I good now?

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.
(CREAM: Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

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