Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Red Rock Country

My friend Maia has a post up about her family's recent trip to the red rock country of Colorado around Moab. Which reminded me of the time I spent there back in the Nineties. My ex-wife and I went on a Sierra Club "service trip" which involved working as volunteers for the National Park Service. In our case, removing and rebuilding fence along "Dry and Rocky Mesa" in Arches National Park.

In case you were wondering, the guy on the left is me. I loved that old desert night parka. Wish I knew what the hell had happened to it. I wish I knew what the hell had happened to that cocky young guy, too. Well, I know what happened; just wish I'd treated his body a hell of a lot better when it worked like it did when he looked like that.

Anyway, Arches N.P. was a hell of a beautiful place, and I'll have to post about my time there. For now how about just a savor of the dry and rocky silence of the redrock desert on a chilly, raw Northwest day?

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Lisa said...

You do look nice, and Arches is a beautiful, magical place.