Friday, January 04, 2013


Again with the fucking lice!

This time it's got both of them; the Boy with nits, the Girl with both nits and active lice. When last heard from my bride was dunking Missy in preparation of going in under a hail of prescription lice-bane shampoo and the various debriding combs.

Plus the usual house-wide scouring of every bloody thing and washing of bedding and the immense menagerie of stuffed friends in both the Girl's and Boy's beds.

Fucketty fuckollaly fuck what a fucking nightmare.

Goddamn it, people, clean your goddamn house and keep your damn kids' heads clean. How freaking hard it that?



FDChief said...

Yeah, why DON'T you pigs keep your kids' heads clean? I'll tell you why - because we can't.
Signed, your wife.
PS - yes lice suck; bite;and blow. And your little darling is the main meal.Woe is us.

FDChief said...

HEY! Not our fault! It was the OTHER little swine that infected our darling kiddos!

Lisa said...

It's a bloody awful scourge, and reminds us how close we are to the Middle Ages. Since I've been part of scrubbing down a school after lice, and am not p.c., I'll say it:

Certain families do not value cleanliness, sadly, and it is their children who bring the lice. I worked at a private school once and after the second infestation arrived via one poor girl, she was asked to leave the school. Rightly so, though she will inherit a legacy of sloth, but not due to any fault of the administrators.)

Leon said...

Good lord, the stress has turned the stable Chief into Gollum...

And this is why I don't have kids. And shave my head.

FDChief said...

I admit, the louse thing drives me a little nuts; it's not that frigging hard, people; keep your damn house and clothing and bedding clean, wash your kid's hair, and if the little bastards DO show up go after them aggressively.

But that seems too difficult for some damn people, so here we are washing and rewashing the bedding...