Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Jukebox 2: Shameless Edition

OK; another confession - I actually liked this Richard Marx song when it came out back in the Eighties, and it's still goofy pop hookiness at its tin pan alley-est-ly catchy:

Maybe because it's really an Eagles song; I didn't know until I looked it up but Joe Walsh, Randy Meisner, and Tim Schmit were all involved in one way or another.

That said, apparently Marx is kind of a thin-skinned shameless douche. Shameless douche plug; read the story at the link - Ted McClelland is damn funny, and it's a damn good story if you like stories. And if you didn't, boyfuckin'howdy are YOU at the wrong address. Because I swear, half the time all I feel like I do here is tell stories.

OK, I'm off for the long weekend.

(h/t to Nancy Nall, where I ran across the McClelland article.


Lisa said...

I loved the Eagles, and this tune was as good as any of them.

Leon said...

My (late) contribution is unicorn metal from an Israeli rocker:

I just watched it and I'm still confused.