Friday, January 04, 2013

If you gaze into your navel long enough...'ll end up trying to figure out what your own blog posts look like using some sort of goofy word-cloud app.

For example, here's the results from shoving all my posts from February 2012 into the meatgrinder:

Here's November...

And December.

One thing it did show me; I have GOT to clean up my mouth. Do you have any idea how many times the work "fuck" shows up in this blog?


Heh. (Rubs his head after the fashion of an embarrassed anime character) Would it help if I mentioned that "mother" is only half a word in the U.S. Army?

Oh, and a huge hat tip to the Geek With Curves, who found this goofy word-cloud site. Thanks, Amy; +8 charisma for ya, gal!

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Lisa said...

Clever -- thanks for sharing. Your vocab's just fine (sayeth the teacher :))