Monday, July 02, 2007

...and the boy from North Portland

So here HE is: the "ge ge", the Big Brother. He's very excited about his new little sister (which may or may not last more than several minutes after she tries to play with one of his toys - he's as selfish as only a four-year-old or a Republican Congressman can be) and celebrating as only the Peeper can. By dressing up in his Halloween costume from 2005 and jumping around the backyard shaking his little moneymaker. Try and animate the photo to Sleater-Kinney's "Ballad of a Ladyman". Ooooh ah ooooh.

He also found the ginormous pink foot that Mojo had up in her office all last week to celebrate. Note that this "lady"bug is clearly male.
This boy is going to be a fun brother and I can only hope that by the time Baoxin is four he will have gotten the whole the-pants-are-not-optional thing.
The big deal, though, is that finally we have unequivocal, photographic proof that a ladybug sighting means you're going to get your referral.
Freak that I am,
live in Japan,
Let's rock with the tough girls
in this part of the world:
take a photograph.


Debra Sue said...

I am cracking up at the cuteness - those pictures are hilarious! They're also great blackmail fodder for the future!

wzgirl said...

In the spirit of all the musical references - how about making like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and getting the Peeper a Sock....?

Cute as hell.

walternatives said...

Hands down - of all the family pics I've seen in blog land, your lady bug boy holding the big pink foot wins! That boy is hysterical. Thanks for posting these.

SBird said...

Oh dear god, he is so going to kill you someday for this...

too cute, nonetheless!

atomic mama said...

Love this!

Too much fun! Finally!