Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Girl from Lianjiang

So here she is: Lian Baoxin, a bouncing fifteen-month-old curently residing at her pied-a-terre in the south Guangdong Province city of Lianjiang. Our daughter - we hope!

Is she a little cutie, or what? My only other thought is that in our first care package we need to send her some hair conditioner, because that's some flyaway toddler hair going on there. Maybe she was just scuffing her little feet on the carpet to make her hair stand up. What a cutup that girl is!

Our LOI should be going to CCAA this coming week. We're through the review room and have not gotten any request for additions or changes to our dossier, so I suspect we're OK on the p-work side. Now we just have to hope that the nameless official somewhere in Beijing thinks we're good enough for this little treasure.
That's what we think the "Bao" in her name means "treasure" or "precious", although the webpage we checked included several alternate meanings of the word spelled in pinyin "Bao" including "saucepot", "procuress" and "Chinese bustard". Likewise "Xin" can mean "happy" as well as "copper" and "used in names"
No matter: here she is, our little happy treasure (or our little copper Chinese bustard). We're already foolishly nuts about this darling and, as you can imagine, are getting all fidgety waiting for an LOA and then a TA and then a "gotcha day" so we can start showering her with lots of goofy mom-and-dad-and-Peeper luuurve. The Peep has already described how he's going to be a terrific big brother and not let his mei-mei play with scissors and show her how to jump on the bed. So there's that covered.
So as you can imagine, this week there's been some excitement and celebration going on around here, and I want to post all about that later today.


Barb said...

She's beuuuutiful! And, personally, I love the dandelion hair!

wzgirl said...

Cute little saucepot with the flyaway hair....Thanks for sharing. She's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is beautiful. That hair will be long one day, or keep it just like that!

SBird said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! She's gorgeous. I've looked at a LOT of waiting child lists, and so I can say this with some authority (heh): that really is one extremely cute girl!

Congratulations! Just wonderful news.

atomic mama said...

Yay! She's perfectly adorable! Thanks for letting us have a peek!

walternatives said...

Ooooh Chief. I'm overwhelmed. She IS a treasure! How could you not already be foolishly nuts over her? It Is Going To Happen. Period. I am looking at photos of your daughter. Mojo's daughter. My face is wet with joy. Thank you for sharing this happiness with all of us. Sooo looking forward to hearing more. smooches to all of you.

Debra Sue said...

Happy, happy day! She's a beaut!

Meghan H said...

This is truly exciting -- I am so happy for the whole family!! Good thoughts, only good thoughts.