Sunday, July 08, 2007


Several people have asked about what the next steps are for us and the little girl from Lianjiang we hope to adopt. As always with a China adoption, there's a whole lot we don't know and a bit more we have to guess at. But here's the situation as we know it:

Our LOI asking for permission to adopt Baoxin went forward to CCAA last week. We're not sure exactly when it was received there, but let's say for the sake of argument it was Friday 7/6

We have been looking into what others who have adopted from Lianjiang have experienced. It seems fairly predictable. It only seems like it's miving in geologic time.

From LOI to LOA - about 30 to 35 days if you're out of the review room; much longer (as much as 50 days longer!) if you're not. BTW: Our heartfelt congratulations to those LIDs in May who just got out of that chancery, including Millicent and Floyd over at Different Dirt.

From LOA to TA - about 25-30 days. This seems pretty standard.

From TA to "gotcha day" - about 30-40 days. This may be a little more in our case, since Lianjiang is pretty much the ass-end-of-nowhere-Guangdong-Province.

So our guesstimated timeline looks something like this: LOA around August 10; TA around September 10; travel in latest September to early October, home with our little girl before Halloween...

And Miss Baoxin sez: You better have my room fixed up NICE, or...!!!


wzgirl said...

And Miss Baoxin sez: You better have my room fixed up NICE, or...

"I'm gonna sic PoBaby on your ass".

I hope that the time flies by! Must be nice to know some semblance of a timeline although I am sure that it is now an entirely different experience - what with all of Baoxin's thermonuclear cuteness on your mind.

SBird said...

Just for a point of comparison, our timeline (we were NOT through review, BTW):

LOI to LOA: 149 days
LOA to TA: 35 days
TA to metcha: 11 days

Love that expression...

Millicent said...

I think it might've been SBird that said the wait changes after you meet "her". I know it's certainly changed for us. I feel rabid, protective and possessive. Those emotions were certainly not present a couple of months ago...and I think they make it a bit more difficult. I was on a buzz for about a month but now that we're hitting month 2 of the wait I'm beginning to feel a bit raw.

Maybe we'll travel together eh?

Carolyn said...

OMG- I have been 2 weeks behind in blog-reading and look what I MISSED!!
Congratulations- she is very cute and I love that pissed-off look on her face! All our pics of Xinguang have that same expression.
Wishing you a speedy LOA/TA.