Friday, May 30, 2008

Reasons Why The Oregonian Sucks #3: The Mocha

This is almost too easy.

At least the dog was dead, and the cat was all freaky choosing the dead.

There wasn't anything dead or dying involved in this one unless you count the standards of print journalism. And, again don't be mislead by the image: the idiotic "mocha" story was above the fold on page one this morning (complete with ginormous picture of foamy mocha goodness...).

Do these people have either shame or pride?

I'm guessing no.

So: I'm opening a contest to you, the reader - what's the stupidest news story you recall that your local paper ever printing? Mind you, it has to be a legitimate paper - no supermarket checkout stand rags or news-and-advertisers. I think that the Big O may possibly be the World's Worst Paper Ever. But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise.

Have at it.


Lisa said...

Oh no, Chief, I'll defend to the end The Tallahassee Democrat-- "Your Hometown Newspaper"--as the abysmal worst.

And it's not for the abundance of typos, nor the prattle out of the editorial staff. Nor the fact that we are the state capitol, and the site of three colleges producing English grads, yet can't manage to produce a paper that serves a greater purpose than canary cage lining. Nor the dearth of anything passing for international news of note. . .

This is a paper they cannot give away at the local Winn Dixie on subscriber recruitment days, unless it is Sunday when the coupon inserts have value, or Friday when the garage sales are listed.

No, it is some esoteric quality that hints at the lack of Tallahassee as a city to produce engaging stories of civic merit, beyond the plethora or oddly riveting police blotter tattle.

Tallahassee Democrat, your hometown sucky newspaper. And here it would Krispy Kreme at 1:00 a.m. where all the salacious events occur, not Starbucks. No cream to sling from the coffee there.

Meghan H said...

They have no shame. The mocha story was A1, above the fold, taking up more than half the page in the Friday late-day edition I saw in the O sales box downtown.