Friday, May 23, 2008

March of the Falsettos

I have to tell you: the world changes when your little peeps make it out of the crib.

Mornings are my time. I love the quiet hours before the world rises. I make the coffee and lean on the counter and smell the rich roasted beans. I sit by the window and watch the day go from blue to gray to light. There is time to read, or just sit and think.

Normally we control how long this moment lasts. When we're ready: coffee'd, dressed, fed...we open the door to the Peeper's room (since he and Missy are sharing until her's is ready) and pick up warm, snuggly little folks and carry them out to the living room to begin their day.

Not today.

Mojo and I were sitting talking quietly when we heard the "thump" of Peep's door opening and the marching feet coming up the hallway; Missy stumping along in front with a grinning Peeper following behind.

"I got her out of her crib!" he announced, before the two burrowed in with me to cuddle, play and drink their chocolate milk breakfast (Bad Daddy, I know...sigh). As much as I realize that this means we're now on Peep's schedule instead of ours, the little morning parade was so cute I can't feel upset.

And the band played on...


walternatives said...

I can picture it, the sleepy parade. And it's a comforting image, brother and sister, working together. Hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

You Know Where You Are With said...

Welcome to our world, which begins on Em's schedule every morning, thumping into our bedroom, circa 6 AM. And that's if we're lucky.

Love the image of the devilishly proud Peeper!