Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Keeping Oregon Wierd

I had to take this picture on the way home from work yesterday just because I really liked all the stickers on the back of the miniSUV.You have to enlarge the photo to get a good look, but there's a wonderful assortment there. Several variations of the "I (heart) Oregon" theme, those odd pink clasping hands/triangles (aren't those some sort of "marriage encounter" symbol?) I'm guessing that the driver (who was a woman) or the car's owner is from Mexico or a Mexican soccer fan: the globe and "CA" is the logo for Club America, the megaclub based in Mexico City. But my two favorites are the Tick down on the bumper and, way up in the upper left hand corner of the window, a parody of the "fleeing wetbacks" freeway signs you see in southern California only with the migrant family racing for the surf break complete with longboards. Taken altogether I'm not sure what this person's car is saying, but the conversation is pretty eclectic, and I think I'd have liked to have had the opportunity to enjoy taking part...

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