Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It began with a hot, HOT Friday.What didn't help is that we didn't figure out that the electricians had turned off the circuit breaker to the A/C when they rewired Missy's room. So things never did cool off inside the house until we grew brains late Saturday. Og like shiny pretty. Duh.

We all dressed as undressed as possible. Probably the most extreme was baby girl; you can see young Miss sporting the popular "Little Miss Streewalker" bottomless look - it's very in along SE 82nd Avenue this year.

It was damn hot. Did I mention it was hot? Fuck, it was hot.The next day we had planned a fairly domestic sort of Saturday indoors with the A/C, with the emphasis on drywalling Missy's room. But that morning the sitter cancelled, sick. Gaaah!!!

In desperation I called all our friends and two of Portland's real-life heroes responded: Brent and Janelle.They came by that evening and helped entertain the kidlets and kept the place lively while Mojo and I worked in the back room (no pictures, since it's very dull, interior demo, framing and drywall). I think the Peeper has a cute little man-crush on Brent, and Missy loved Janelle, who played "Break My Pickle" like she'd been born to it.Later that evening Mojo and Peep took their scooters out for a scoot along the front sidewalk. (Mojo's is a special adult-size Razor that was her Mom's Day gift, BTW. Daddy knows what The Mommy likes...) So thank you, Brent and Janelle, not just for helping but for being such fun AND good friends, too! You rock!And away they go...All weekend it looked like Summer had arrived:
The iris exploded like an IED along the road to Ramadi...The tomato and basil zoomed up...
...and the salad greens - although the slugs hammered the arugula pretty hard.


The Peeper's strawberry bed looked promising for June bounty, although a surprising number of potato shoots reminded us that the spuds still lurked beneath.

Sunday the heat ws a little easier, and we played outside as well as did our chores (groceries, lawnmowing (ugh), general cleanup). Peep went to his friend The Poet's birthday as something called Safari Sam's, which is a kind of miminum security prison for children only with skee-ball. It's better than Cheesy Rodent, I'll say that.So a lovely, warm summery weekend, right? Of course, last night the rain had to remind us that spring isn't gone yet. But, hey, Summer?We're ready for ya.


walternatives said...

Mojo's scooter is The Bomb as are your last minute saviors, Brent and Janelle.

Wish I could say that I was ready for summer b/c it's already here; it was 95 yesterday.

pluto said...

I'm a bit envious, up here in the frozen north we're still stuck in the 50's and 60's. It's warmer in Fairbanks than it is here. Damn the weather patterns!

mike said...

Let us know if you figure out a COIN strategy to keep the slugs out or the arugula. We have that same problem here for our greens.