Sunday, May 18, 2008

20,000 Years in Sing-Sing

Now there's a smart idea.

Uh. Yeah.

I can see it now:

U.S. interrogator: "OK, Hamid, do you see now how it's in your best interests to work with the government in Kabul?"

Hazara Interpreter: [Pushtu] "Are you ready to rally to us, noseless son of a Waziri dog, or shall I tell the boys in the back room to warm up the testicle clamps for when this clueless get of a Chicago gangster and a Hollywood whore departs?"

Prisoner: [Pushtu] "Go ahead, apostate boot-licking scum of the Yankee heretics. My sons will toast your testicles on your own torture implements."

Interpreter: "The Taliban says that he will speak with my commander later this evening about cooperation with our government, sir."

Interrogator: "See what I've been telling you, Abdullah? Fair treatment and humanity will always work better than stuff like putting some guy's nuts in a vice. I'll go tell Captain Amir."

[he leaves]

Interpreter: [Pushtu] "Farewell, testicleless one... [turns out the light] ..we will be waiting."

1 comment:

mike said...

Now I know that was tongue in cheek. But we have been there for six years now. There is no excuse for not speaking the language, especially for Intel weenies. Language training is imperative! Hopefully you would not let a local calculate a fire solution for your 105 battery or let him pull the lanyard.

On the other hand you are right on that we will not be there forever. They need to sort it out on their own, with or without testicles.