Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Radio Check

Sorry so slow around here. I had just about enough time to post a Facebook update that reads: "Get up. Work. Go home. Cook. Eat. Read. Snuggle. Sleep. Repeat."
And, yeah, that's pretty much been it around here for the past week or so.

However, my reference for the Rhineland crisis is finally in, so I'm slowly beginning to pull that post together. And I WILL make some time for blogging later this week. Although I almost hate to do it; I've been wading through the news from both Salem and D.C. and the Force of the Stupid is so strong it's almost visible.

And the problem, regardless of what the problem seems to be, always seems to lead back to the same well; the return of the open sort of oligarchy that served us so well in 1892.

Whether you look at foreign war or domestic politics, the default setting in my country seems to be "what's good for the wealthy is good for the nation." I cannot imagine who the hell thinks that is a good idea or why, but on almost every subject from who gets taxed and how much to how we pay for our medicine to whether or not we can or will regulate who gets to shoot whom with what to what we should be doing in the less-paved portions of the world the "solutions" that my governments seem to arrive at always seem to result in providing (or intend to provide) more wealth for the wealthy, more power for the powerful, and more comfort for the comfortable.

I've talked over and over (and over and over...) about why I believe this is so and why I believe that is unlikely to change and why I don't believe that this is a good idea for most of us, but the setting does not appear to be changing or, frankly, to be changable given our social and political condition.

And that just depresses the shit out of me.


Anyway, we have an Argentine as the Supreme Pontiff. How fucking cool is that? Yeah, I agree; not very. But hopefully the old Argie can at least try and get his guys to keep it in their pants around those adorably perky little choirboys...

Hang in there; back soon with bloggy goodness.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

I admit, I no longer expect much from the CAtholic Church...I'd happily accept "Do no MORE harm" as a positive value.

I admit to a bit of excitement about the Argentine because he is a Jesuit....the bad brain boys of the Church; they may be conservative, but they were never told to turn OFF their considerable brains.

I know, I need to get a grip on that silly Platonic idea that KNOWING makes for changing...

Leon said...

Commenters on reddit say he's another hardline anti-gay homophobe. So the king is dead, long live the king.

FDChief said...

AND he's a real snugglebunny with Comunione e Liberazione which is one of the hardline theocratic organizations that pines for the days when you could count on the "secular arm" to fucking burn your witches for you.

Not to mention the high probability that he was in bed with the Argentine junta back in the day.

The guy's an old-school curial pope. I don't particularly regret not letting my military Catholicism follow me past the doors of the Separation and Transfer Point, but the last three curates of the Pontifical Throne make me VERY glad I no longer have to even pretend to listen to what Rome has to say about anything.

When they find someone willing to take the beam out of their own pederast/Vatican Bank/misogynistic eye first, well...

Leon said...

Well he's only HALF a century out of touch as opposed to the previous pope who's a century (or more) out of date.

Baby steps... (there's a joke about a Catholic priest in there somewhere)